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Memberhip Fees
Should you require, you can view the CFA Membership Fees in detail here. This page will open in a new window to avoid losing information you may have already entered into this form.

Consultant (Specialist) Application
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    Before applying for membership please note:

    1. The company generally must have been trading for a minimum of three years;
    2. The company generally must have three years trading accounts (for Plc/Ltd/LLP filed with Companies House);
    3. The company must not, in the reasonable view of CFA, be or likely to become financially insolvent (CFA credit checks all applicants);
    4. CFA must be able to obtain positive trade references;
    5. The significant proportion of activity must be within the contract flooring market;
    6. The CFA charges an application fee of £150 plus VAT, which is non refundable;
    7. Companies applying for membership must be operating from registered and if appropriate suitable business premises.
    8. Your application will go before the CFA Council for approval against the membership criteria which forms part of this application form and is available on request.

    The CFA reserves the right to ask questions of the applicant's referees and to take into account any information regarding the applicant from any source when considering an application. Any information taken into account will, prior to a conclusion being reached by the CFA, be put to the applicant for comment. The CFA shall then consider the information and any comment the applicant has made to decide whether the applicant's conduct or trading methods are, or have been, such as to make it desirable that they do not become members.

    Any applicant who is refused membership on the above basis is entitled to appeal the CFA's decision, using the procedure set out in the CFA's Complaints and Appeal Procedure.

    Section A
    Company Details

    Please be as thorough as possible.

    Section B
    Proof of financial solvency and probity

    · CFA credit checks all companies applying for membership.
    · For Plc/Ltd/LLP - The company must have three years trading accounts filed with Companies House.
    · For Partnerships and Sole Traders – You must submit a copy of your last three sets of year end accounts within seven days, failure to do so may lead to a delay in processing your application.

    Section D

    By submitting an application for membership, you confirm that you have read and understood the declaration as outlined on the application form on behalf of the company and that you are authorised to apply for CFA membership on its behalf.

    Note: Applications will only be fully processed upon the payment of the administration fee.
Section A
Company Details

* This information is solely for CFA's statistical needs and is neither a membership criteria nor shared in identifiable form with any other party

Section B
Plc / Limited Company / LLP
Section C

Please ask your referees first and provide contact name, address (including postcode), telephone number and email address. We will mention that you have applied to join the CFA and ask about your trading record with each company or client. Please ensure you provide a Telephone number or Email, preferably both.





Section D

The company (as per section A) falls within the applicable CFA membership criteria (available upon request) and agrees to be bound by the Association's Code of Conduct and Memorandum and Articles of Association, and to submit to a membership audit periodically. The company accepts that annual membership renewal is automatic, unless three months notice of termination has been given by it, and that membership is not transferable. Should the company not be accepted for membership, there is a right to appeal as set out in the membership criteria. Any application is accepted from a company on the basis that the decision of the CFA is final. Reapplications are permitted.

The Association may send you information electronically from time to time, including notices of meetings. You agree that the sending of e-mails to the address provided on this form will constitute good notice in connection with any matter relating to the Association.

I confirm I have read and understood the above, have provided accurate information throughout this form and am authorised to apply for CFA membership on behalf of the company.

Please let us know where you heard about the CFA

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