The CFA Guide to Contract Flooring
This publication is intended to be an authoritative work on contract flooring and is available to downloaded from the homepage of this website.

Members Handbook
A new Members Handbook is produced annually.

CFA Publications

Retentions Letters

Investigation of Methods for the Measurement of Dryness in Cementitious Subfloors
This document is the result of a two year research programme into moisture in concrete slabs, for which the CFA provided much of the funding along with the DTI. The research was carried out by the University of East Anglia.

The above publications are available free of charge to architects, specifiers and buyers. Orders for publications to be sent to either or by fax to 0115 941 2238.

The CFA is able to purchase British and European Standards for members of the Association, for further information contact

The CFA Guide to Specification and Sustainability within the flooring trade
This publication is produced annually and is aimed at providing readers with as much information as possible on specification and sustainability credentials of all the main generic flooring types. It also looks at the national sustainability framewords and green building codes that are driving the UK construction agenda.

CFA Newsletter
The CFA Newsletter is produced twice a year and copies are available for download in our Member Area.

CFA Publications